Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review Time!

These are their imagines from the site:

These are mine:

 Notice much difference? Me either! The bottle came just in time too. We love coffee. We don't love the fact that it gets cold to quickly.   My husband drives about an hour to work each morning. We had gotten some cups from a big box store...made to look like the paper cups you get from a coffee shop....yeah....they are thin and he said he couldn't go half way before his coffee was cold. 

Got out the Liquid Savvy bottle, rinsed it and set it right next to the coffee pot for him :) When he got home you know I asked!  

The coffee stayed hot all the way to work. AND when he got there, opened the flip lid to get a drink....got called away from his desk and didn't close the lid. I know you are thinking that was the end of his hot coffee.....nope! An hour later the coffee was still hot and enjoyed. Can't beat that for a testimony of the cup.  I am pretty sure I lost my cup too ;) #LiquidSavvy #hotcoffee

I did receive this bottle at a discounted price for my honest opinion. 

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