Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review Time!

Zigels Backpack for business or school

That is one of their pictures. And it really is accurate. Except the inside of mine isn't purple but black. Which is fine with me.  Back packs take some serious abuse in our house. 3 kids in school, all of which carry everything, everywhere, everyday. They don't use their lockers at all. So books, papers, clothes, and whatever else they can stuff in there! 

The backpack seems very well made. Heavy duty fabric. And I love all the extra straps on it to help holds things where they are; I think that is going to help the durability of it as well. Less stress on the fabric itself. 

My favorite feature thus far is on the bottom! There is two straps that go around the bottom to help with the heavy stuff! Aka my kids backpacks all the way around lol 

We will be putting it to the test for sure! Get yours on Amazon

#schoolbackpack  I was given this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my 100% honest opinion! 

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