Thursday, May 31, 2012


Do you ever get that feeling of complete helplessness?? I know that I sure have it right now.  So much goes on that we do not have control over.  Do you think that ....well, I don't know what to think honestly! I do know that people are so very much more important than anything else in this world.  I don't mean above God but I certainly mean above things...feelings...ideas. I just posted about a little boy who is fighting his second battle with cancer in less than a year. Now I feel the need and yes I say need! To post about a family going through something just a hard.  No, he isn't 10 but he is loved. He is a Husband/Father/Son/Uncle/Brother/Friend.

Our community has been shook by the disapparence of man who is the same age as me.  A man who held a strong presence in the community and still holds that presence in the heart of all. I haven't spoken to him since the third grade and we won't talk about how long ago that was ;) But I do know his wife and young daughter.  Our children went to a private day care together.  Tracy and his daughter always were so kind to us.  My kids enjoyed playing with their daughter.  You just never think something like this will happen to someone you know. To someone in our small community.

Just like in my post about Noah, I feel helpless.  I want to get out there and do something! Anything! As a wife...I can't imagine how she feels. As a daughter, I don't want to even think about that aspect.  My heart goes out to the entire Wilt Family. To his wife and daughter...we are thinking of you.  The boys send hugs to K.

I can pray. I can hope. I can have faith that the dear Lord will watch over him during times of trouble.

I can also raise money for the family. It doesn't sound like a lot but I know it will help.  I haven't contacted Tracy to let her know about this....or anyone for that matter. I know that she has other things on her mind right now. Obviously much more important things.  I have started a fundraiser on my Scentsy/Velata pages.  And I am also created one with

If you feel like you want to help, I hope I have provided many ways to do so.

Help with purchases from my Scentsy site:

Help with purchases from my Velata Site:

Donation page:

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matthew 19:14 ~ Helping Noah

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”   Matthew 19:14

I was looking for a scripture to help me deal with the heartbreak that I have been presented with and I am not sure that there will be one to provide me with the understanding that I was seeking.  I know that we are not to understand everything that we are presented with even at times like this when we want it. But I know that I can always turn to the Bible for comfort and peace when needed.

Noah's story was shared with me several weeks ago.  I am sad and feel helpless to say the least. My friend, Rivon, (who shared this story with me) obviously has a heart of gold and I hope she knows that. See, she took in two small children to help out a single mom of three. She opened her home, her heart, her wallet and so many other things to help them out when she didn't have too. She wanted to do everything she could to help her son's friend.  

She had asked me several weeks ago to pray for a young boy. To pray for a young family, that at a minimum, needed extra prayers. Noah had been diagnosed with cancer less than a year ago.  He lost one of his legs during this battle with the nasty, nasty and did I mention NASTY disease. Yet, here he is again.....fighting for his life. This time leukemia took over. 

Fighting to live past 10. Fighting to see 6th grade. Fighting to hug his Mom who wants to watch him graduate from high school.  You know....those things that the rest of us take for granted...which hopefully I never will again. I have three boys that I love, and continue to remind myself, are only on loan from God above. 

Rivon came to me to ask for more assistance.  I couldn't be more excited to feel less powerless...if that is possible anyway. She shares my love of everything Scentsy and thought it would be a great way to help the family. I had offered to do a fundraiser for her daughter some time before (for a school trip) but she knew this was much more important. 

Noah was only given a short time to find a bone marrow donor.  I pray that he finds what he needs long before that time frame comes around. But for now...I am doing what I can.  Rivon is doing what she can. Can you help us?? I am currently running a fundraiser to help the family.  To help a single mom of three adorable little gifts from God.  

Stop by my websites ~ the commission from the sales will be given to the family to use where it is needed the most. 

Help by the sense of smell:

Help by the taste of chocolate:

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 96 - A picture of your favorite movie

This is definitely a hard one! Wow....I have to pick??!! I love a lot of movies but don't typically pick just one....I have watched most of the Harry Potter movies over and over so I guess we go there ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


"Over 2,000 children are reported missing each day in North America. The Rescuehood community are alerted in seconds and jump into action to find lost children before these situations become critical. Rescuehood for iPhone!"  

A fellow blogger brought this app to my attention.  I can honestly say that I think it is great! I do know that the app is being created for Blackberries and Androids. It is free to opt into the community and parents who wish to be able to broadcast an alert only need to pay 99 cents. 

If you go their website they have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions as well as a page to teach you how to setup the app.  It looks really easy too. They also have a way to set up and purchase the apps through schools.

I don't currently have an iphone but know lots of people that do.  I am hoping to spread the word so others can have this app. The more people that have it the more effective it will be.  Have more questions about it?? Contact the makers of Rescuehood here.

Thank you to Chatty Chicky for sharing this information with me!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scent Surplus: Soldiers' Angels

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 95 - A picture of you on a plane

Again, not any pictures with me on an airplane.  I haven't flown in many years BUT I am getting on one soon! Headed to Scentsy Family Convention in VEGAS :)

Day 94 - A picture of you and your friends eating

I honestly don't know of a picture that has me and friends actually eating in it....not something I typically do....take pictures while eating. SO I found this one and thought it was pretty close to topic. 

Day 93 - A picture of your favorite board game

Didn't take long to think of this one and I am pretty sure this is the same box ours came in LOL! Loved playing that game over and over.  I wonder??? Do you think my kids would like to play it?? Or would it be to boring for them?? I just might have to see if I can find one. I know that they have the ones that come with cds or dvds (not sure which) but to me that wouldn't be the same!

Day 92 - A picture of your school

This was the only picture I could find ......

Day 91 - A picture of you and your friends playing a game

It was the only one I had LOL! Oh my :) We were playing an inspirational game! Tons of fun at our Scentsy Meetings!

Day 90 - A picture of you wearing your favorite color

Love Love Red :) 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 89 - A picture of you at a hotel

I was actually looking for another picture but this is obviously at a hotel.  We were headed out for a Ball Dance.  Fun times that night.

Day 88 - A picture of your dream car

2012 Cadillac Escalade 

Day 87 - A picture of someone you grew up with

I grew up with three of these people :)  My sister is in the top left, my brother is the bottom left and my Grandpa in the middle! 



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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May's Tweet Leap Fun!!

Amber @scentsurplus came up with this amazing idea! 


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 86 – A picture of someone who helps you with school

My Dad.  He was the one that I could always go to with questions.  Even after I had my own kids, I called him many times looking for answers. I miss him.

Day 85 – A picture of your favorite holiday

Weird I know but I couldn't pick just one! I love them both!

Day 84 ~ A picture of a school project

I bet if I went back and looked I could find a picture some where of a project that I did. But I don't have it any close at hand seeing as it has been a this is the latest project that we have helped with!

Day 83 ~ A picture of you and a teammate

Three of my Scentsy teammates :)

Day 82 ~ A picture of someone you love asleep

Does three someone's count? The boys came to us really early this Christmas morning...we had to tell them, since Santa hadn't had much sleep at the this point, that they had to wait just a little bit.  We found them asleep in the next room closet to the Christmas tree.  Too cute!

Day 81 ~ A picture of you with a character

Didn't have one so I had to create one :)

Day 80 ~ A picture of you and someone who you love being silly

Middle school...braces give it away.  This is my Dad, Sister and I sporting our sweatshirts of Dad's parents.  Kinda not fair though,  my sister has bunny ears provided by my Dad just can't see them as well!

Day 79 ~ A picture of you in the water

Searched long and hard for this one ;) Old pic but here it is.  Probably one of the few of my in the water!

Day 78 ~ A picture of you in the dark

Hubby and I were on a military marriage retreat.  He took me on my very first private gondola ride! It was very neat and romantic <3

Day 77 ~ A picture of you and friends making silly faces

There should be a requirement for a certain amount of silly during the day! I am sure of it ;)