Saturday, May 26, 2012


"Over 2,000 children are reported missing each day in North America. The Rescuehood community are alerted in seconds and jump into action to find lost children before these situations become critical. Rescuehood for iPhone!"  

A fellow blogger brought this app to my attention.  I can honestly say that I think it is great! I do know that the app is being created for Blackberries and Androids. It is free to opt into the community and parents who wish to be able to broadcast an alert only need to pay 99 cents. 

If you go their website they have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions as well as a page to teach you how to setup the app.  It looks really easy too. They also have a way to set up and purchase the apps through schools.

I don't currently have an iphone but know lots of people that do.  I am hoping to spread the word so others can have this app. The more people that have it the more effective it will be.  Have more questions about it?? Contact the makers of Rescuehood here.

Thank you to Chatty Chicky for sharing this information with me!

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