Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 76 ~ A picture of you drinking something

Fun times were had by all that night! Scentsy put on a private show for us with Clint Black and Glorianna! Can't wait until convention this year!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 75 ~ A picture of you receiving a reward

I am still working on getting my Scentsy awards! I will have them :) But this was my reward for the day! I love getting pedicures <3

Day 74 ~ A picture taken professionally

Seems like forever ago...still brings a smile to my face.  1997 :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 73 ~ A picture of you somewhere warm

Texas in July....Warm enough?? It certainly was that night. We were at the Scentsy Convention :) The first night of the convention is always family fun night and this one was no different. We were hanging out in the stockyards....and here we were watching the Glorianna and CLINT BLACK concert! It was wonderful.  I had so much fun I can't imagine not going to Convention every year!!!!!!

Day 72 ~ A picture of you with unbelievable scenery

Everybody's definition of unbelievable scenery is definitely different.  This trip was taken in 2003.  We had the time of our lives. It was in January so the trees weren't green but that doesn't mean it was unbelievable!

Day 71 ~ A picture of you with people you work with

Since we are all Scentsy Independent Consultants technically we don't qualify as co-workers but we do help each other out, inspire one another and lean on each other during difficult times.  I think I have the best "job" in the world!!

Day 70 ~ A picture of someone you don't go a day without talking to

To easy Sergeant, to easy! I love this lady! She is such an inspiration to me. She is not afraid to be herself and have fun with life :)

Day 69 ~ A picture of a crazy night out

We have past the point of true 'crazy nights out' but this one was certainly fun!! We had a great time, got to hang out with good friends and it was a weekend free of kids ;)

Day 68 ~ A picture of you outside

I have been looking for a reason to post this picture! Fun day for all of us :)

Day 66B ~ A picture of you doing something childish

Ha ha! This one was fun :) I actually had just taken this picture the other day! Not only am I sticking out my tongue but I am wearing a teddy bear's hat!! Hope everyone has silly pictures like this one because that is what life it about....Having FUN!

Came back to add today's post and noticed that the Day 66 was listed I started trying to match up with my list from the very first post to see what I had done wrong...low and behold it wasn't me ~ Yay ~ Day 66 is listed twice...No biggie! I just added a B to the second one and we will just move on ;)

Day 67 ~ A picture of you falling

I have been lucky enough to not had any pictures taken of me actually falling down or off of anything. Not to say that I don't because grace certainly isn't my middle name...hee of these days I will probably get caught but for now...I am safe ;)

Day 66 ~ A picture of you in the air

So I don't have a picture of myself in the air.  This one seems odd to to be funny I thought I would type in you in the air on google and see what comes up. LOL Wow! these things are funny.  This was the very first one that came up. It is actually a car air purifier....

Day 65 ~ A picture of you at a park

Took me a while to find this one.  I was pregnant with our youngest and was helping our middle one get ready to go down the slide. And yes, it was a very long slide and lots of fun for the kids.  Sadly, it had to be removed from the park since this was taken.

Day 64 ~ A picture of luggage

I don't own this but it sure would be fun to :) Scentsy's colors are purple and lime green! How cool would it be if some of the circles were lime green!!

Day 63 ~ A picture of you at work

Such a hard one! Ha Ha! Just kidding! I don't really 'work'.  I party for a living!! Scentsy Independent Consultant :) Fun, Friends, and income to boot LOL

Day 62 ~ A picture of you on a ride

I don't actually have any pictures of me on rides. Not even as a teenager or younger. So I figured this was as close I could get.  My youngest took this while we were hanging out at the park.  Just about to go down the tunnel slide!

Today's randomness......

With today's social media spreading across the world, I decided to join in.  My love for everything Scentsy comes as no surprise.  So I thought I would share some of it in a video. Please take a few minutes and let me know what you think.  I have gotten a positive response so far and I may just make another if others enjoy watching it as much as I did making it :)

Day 61 ~ A picture of you in the fall

My first thought when I saw the title was this was going to be hard.  Then I remembered a picture and was all excited about it....even had it here already....until I realized that it was taken in February aka late winter not fall.  So it was back to thinking that it was hard......I searched several years worth of pictures that I have saved online.  I was correct in thinking it was hard.  I am usually the one taking the pictures not in front of the camera.  This was one take in Oct 2004 :) If it wasn't for the date you wouldn't know it was Fall but I couldn't find one outside.

Day 60 – A picture of you at a sports game

I actually don't have pictures of myself at a sports game. I am either taking the pictures of my boys or a good friend is.  This is one that I took this last football season.  Rained the whole game but the boys did good and they won!

My good friend that always takes pictures at football.....she just sent me this one! yay!! Thanks Steph!

Day 59 ~ A picture of you at prom

My prom was many years ago and I don't even know where the pictures might I got my 'second prom' picture out. LOL Husband's military ball :) Had much more fun there then I ever did a school dance!

Day 58 – A picture of your hair all done

I had just left the salon with my new look :)

Day 57 ~ A picture of you in your backyard

We actually don't have a true back yard...but we do have a huge side yard! So here it is.  This was taken in May of last year.

Day 56 ~ A picture of you all bundled up

To easy when you live where we do! Sledding with the family and it was 16 degrees !!!

Tonight's randomness....

I want to thank those that have followed my blog. I truly hope after my 100 days of photos is complete that I can continue to post daily :) If you are following my blog, please post a link to yours in the comments! I would love to check your as well!

Day 55 - A picture of you with a date

Jeremy and I at his annual Christmas party.

Day 54 ~ A picture of you on your last vacation

I really don't like this picture :(  This was taken as we were about to take out our friend's paddle boat.

Day 53 ~ A picture of you in a car

This is the day I bought a new to me car :) It has leather interior...something I hadn't had until then & will never go without now!

Day 52 ~ A picture of you dressed up

This is as dressed up as I will ever get.  Much prefer jeans and boots but every once in a while it's nice to dress up! We had a blast that night!

Day 51 ~ A picture of you wearing sunglasses

Took a while to find this one ;) 2003 - Hubby's gear!

Day 50 ~ A picture of yourself

Day 49 ~ A picture of you and your best friend(s)

Day 48 ~ A picture of you more than 10 years ago

This is me and several friends/co-workers :)

Day 47 ~ A picture of your favorite animal

Day 46 ~ A picture that you edited

Day 45 ~ A picture of your favorite cartoon character

This was a hard choice.  I had to go back and really think about what I watched as a child.  Looking back I had several favorites, that when my kids have them on, I catch myself stopping to watch. And my hubby can do a perfect impression of Fog horn Leg Horn ;)


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Day 44 ~ A picture that describes your life

This was a hard one.  Not only to find an image that matches you but to sit and think about what you think your life is or isn't.  My life is full of worry, chaos but most of all  happiness! My boys can stress me over my limit in the blink of an eye but at the same time cause me to smile, laugh and move on.  I can't imagine life without all of craziness nor do I want to!

Day 43 ~ A picture of you celebrating

Me and the boys celebrating Grandpa's 88th birthday!

Day 42 ~ A picture of you listening to music

Good times right here!!! Scentsy Convention 2011 ~ Listen to Glorianna and CLINT BLACK courtesy of Scentsy :)

Day 41 ~ A picture of your favorite weather

My favorite time of the year! Fall means hoodies, cooler temperatures, holidays and so much more. Fall is snuggle weather!

Day 40 ~ A picture of your friends

Each one has an important place in my heart and my life.  I could not sit here and type up how important these people are to me.
~~It's the friends we meet along life's path who help us appreciate the journey.~~

Day 38 ~ A picture of your favorite drink

This one was hard for me as well.  I don't know that I have a favorite drink per say.  I like water, tea, Coke Zero, coffee and even a few what I like to call Big Girl Drinks ;) But since I had to ya' go. I don't drink a whole lot of it but when I do have a pop...this is what I like to grab!

Day 37 ~ A picture taken at school

A picture at! That is some time ago ;) This was from middle school.  Found it in my grandparents stuff after my Grandpa passed away last year.

Day 36 ~ A picture of your pet


Day 35 ~ A picture of your hometown

Hometown is where your heart it.  It may not be where you were born or even where you grew up.  Our family moved a lot when I was little but this place was always where we came back to.  Like any small town, you have your problems but this will always be my home!