Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 1 ~ A picture of yourself with 15 facts (mine are very random)

1 ~ I really dislike wearing make-up and messing with my hair.
2 ~ I more fashionably challenged than most least I think so.
3 ~ My oldest 2 boys have middle names dedicated to family members while my youngest one doesn't....we just really liked it.
4 ~ I have always wanted to be a sign language interpreter.
5 ~ I don't listen to the radio in the car....silence is golden.
6 ~ I used to smoke.  Quit in July 2005.
7 ~ I like to move.  We have spent more time in this house than any other....I have issues with this. LOL
8 ~ I enjoy making things on the computer.  Not great at it but I still like it.
9 ~ I like to go to garage sales.
10 ~ I don't like mornings...which makes #9 very difficult.
11 ~ I love to rearrange furniture and cabinets....probably why I like to move too.
12 ~ The Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite team of all time.
13 ~ I love to country dance.
14 ~ I enjoy playing board games.
15 ~ I have a 'strong' stomach...pretty sure that is thanks to my helps in my love of taking care of animals in many ways.

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