Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 5 ~ A picture of one of your favorite memories

I have many favorites so this was very hard to choose.  This is me pushing my Dad (Dec. 2000) down the hill when we all went sledding together. I remember him and my mom going down together and falling off.  It was good times!
The original post about this days' picture was: A picture of your favorite memory.  How can we pick just one? I don't even think that to be possible.  Looking back at all the pictures....I could never pick just one.  My wedding, my honeymoon, the day each of my boys was born.  Memories of things we did together as a family when I was younger and now as I have family of my own.  Each day is so important.  I think my next 'project' is going to be taking a picture of something and someone everyday!

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