Monday, April 25, 2016

Review Time!

Women's Beach Cover Up

It's not quite swim suit season yet but it is never to early to start getting ready! I was able to pick which one I wanted to try for a discount and it was hard to pick! Different styles and patterns. I tried to pick something I thought would go with my new suit when I get it. Haha since I don't have my new suit that was a little harder. 

When it got here I was worried as it was in a very small package and was guessing that it was going to be very wrinkled. Nope. Folding nicely in there and came out perfectly. Now I could never get it back in the package (which was a very nice ziplock bag) but why would I want to!

The fabric is very soft and flowing. The lace at the bottom add the perfect amount of length on it as well.  When summer gets here, I will be headed out with this for sure. I will still need sunblock as the fabric is sheer but it will add the perfect amount of coverage to make me feel more confident on the lake! And I love that the tag is not at the neck line to show and itch. Washing instructions say to wash separately with dark colors. I am guilty of not looking at the washing instructions but with this type of fabric I really felt it was necessary.  It says to use cold water to wash, no bleach, you can use a cool iron if necessary...yeah that won't happen with me...and drip dry. Now I have to be honest....I didn't know all the symbols so I had to look them up here

Can't wait to head out in it...just have to wait on warmer weather!


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