Friday, February 12, 2016

A Time for Everything

I was giving the book A Time For Everything: Discovering the Beautiful Rhythms of Life.  It is a Women of Faith study guide.  It was given to me before Christmas. I knew then that I definitely needed to read it. Front to Back. But I let myself get in the way. I let life get me down, keep me distracted and off task. I let the Devil lead me away from it. God knew I needed it. The secret Santa knew I needed it. But so did the Devil. So instead of doing what I needed to be done; I let everything get in the way. 

Time to get back to it. Jump back in and do the dirty work so to speak. God has been reaching out to me. Reminding me that I am not focused where I need to be. What a great way to get back on track. I know that if I tried to do it myself, without a guide, it wouldn't happen. I get distracted way to easily. 

I will share bits and piece of it here. I obviously don't want to share the whole book. Feel free to join with me, share your comments, your struggles and your successes. We have to stick together! 

The forward was written by Patsy Clairmont. I thought I would share just a little of it here: 

"I love watching Spring win over Winter.  Take the hyacinth: she butts her pretty little head against the half frozen earth and somehow wins.  Up she comes from the darkness shouting victory in pink, purple, and white regalia.  And even when she finds herself petal-deep in late snow she shakes it off and lifts her curly bob to the sun.  You can almost hear her sing, "I got rhythm, I got rhythm" because that girl knows how to move to the music of her design.  And Hyacinth is aware as she pushes through the hardship of her circumstances that it's her season to bloom.  And nothing is going to stop her - not winter's icy grip and not earth's dark tomb." 

These are Crocus flowers from my front snow but they sure are trying. Grandpa planted these years ago and they still make me smile. 

That is the very first paragraph and let me tell you it rings out to me! When times get tough, mother nature knows how to push through. Knows what needs to be done.  Doesn't let late snow or hard times keep the beautiful flowers from coming through. To remind us that Spring is near. 

I want to be that way. I want to be a woman that pushes through. That others can look at and say I can do it because they saw me stand tall. 

Don't get me wrong. I am extremely blessed. I have a roof over my head and it doesn't even leak.  I have a car to drive. I have heat, food, and clean water.  I have a family who loves me and friends who care for me. 

Not to say that everything is all rainbows and sunshine. It's life. That is not the way it goes 24/7.  But I am learning to "Find Joy in Journey" ....more on that later.....

So it is time for me to stand up - Hold my head high - And remind myself that I am strong!

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