Tuesday, January 12, 2016

XYZlicone Infinity Band

This is apparently all the rage! Silicone wedding bands. For Athletes, Working individuals and all the rest! All I could think was where was this when my husband was doing electrical work. Could have saved him a shock or two ;) (He knew he wasn't suppose to be wearing his ring but he insisted!) 

When given the chance to review this at a discounted price; I jumped at the chance.  First impressions were good as I opened the package to find this box! Pretty neat looking right! 

Just as impressed with the inside and just like advertised....there were two rings in the box! Not bad for the price if you ask me. 

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They suggested a ring sizer to us to help out and it was spot one. As soon as hubby got home from work I had him slip it on...I do mean literally ....didn't even let him take off his boots or hang up his coat! 

 I can say at first we were a little disappointed. Thinner than you would think with the pictures but that turned out to be a good thing later. Also, first thing he said was it looked like he had a rubber gasket on his finger. LOL 

I asked him to wear it at least 24 hours and let me know what he thought.
He came home from work today and had plenty good to say. He said that a couple of guys even asked him about it. They had apparently already heard of silicone rings and wanted to know how it felt. 

He said it was light weight and can't really tell he even had it on. He said it would catch on some surfaces because of the silicone material but it wasn't bad.  He didn't like that he couldn't spin it with his fingers like his ring though ;)


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