Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sound Intone E6 In-ear Earbuds

The Sound Intone Earbuds! (I received these to review at a super discount price. )

Most probably won't bring this up but I love that the box was easy to open and they were easy to get out as well. LOL It's the little things right ;)

They have a neat carry case they come with as well as different sizes of ear pieces. We all have different sized ears and this is really important. I love the cord too as it will last longer and will be harder break.

When I first put them on it was a little difficult to get them where I wanted but once I did it was great. I will be giving them to my husband so that if he wants to go running he can use them. I don't run but I am betting they will stay in place!

The sound quality was great! I plugged them into my computer and turned on the music :) I could hear over the video games in the background quite well and only had the computer volume at 32%. Definitely worth it!

I do believe I will be getting more for the kids....they are super hard on earbuds and earphones, with the stronger cord and carrying case...they should last longer!

Want some of your own? Get them at Amazon! 


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