Saturday, September 1, 2012


So when I started blogging in January, it wasn't about any one thing. I knew that God had a plan for me and everyone else and wanted to just throw myself out into the blogging world.  I started with the 100 days of photos.  100 blog post about me and mine.  You can see the original post here. I had fun with it and it truly helped me stay engaged.  I started looking forward to each day and what memory I could bring to the surface.  With both my Dad and Grandpa passing away last year, I really felt drawn to going through memories.

This year hasn't been easy but it certainly hasn't been anything like 2011.  I spent more time in hospitals and such than I ever care to remember in 2011.  2012 has been about getting back on track.  Not to say there hasn't been set backs.  Times that draw me right back to last year. To everything that happened.  But I continue to try and remember the good.  The fun that was had.  I enjoyed the 100 post about pictures so much that I have been searching for something similar to focus on....and then it was emailed right to me :) How lucky is that!

Another blogger's email that I get pointed me in that direction. Not trying to copy this blogger but I like the direction it was going.  Sometime to relate to, something to work off of as it were. And as I type this, well another idea comes to mind after I finish this one :) Yay for me!

SO! Today is "A" day, and the next post will be "B" day...and so on :)

Today is "A" Day.....Awe: (Noun): an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great political figures. (Verb) to inspire with awe.

Just so it is be in awe of great political figures did not come from me ;) I blame for that one.  But to be in awe of God...most definitely.  I am in constant awe of what He does.  Each day that I wake up is a miracle as we not are promised tomorrow. There is no exact wording of this in the bible but while researching for this post I did find several that state this in not so many words. James 4:14 / Psalm 103:13-17 or Matthew 6:34 

And while looking this up, I came across an article on What Christians Want to that talks about the promises of God. So see, He really does have his own plan.  As I set out to write about the awe that I feel daily, I was thinking kids, love of my life and God, he pointed me in so many different directions and I was able to learn from His word.  I truly stand in AWE of God <3

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