Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Direction......

When I joined the blogging world, I did it out of fun. I thought that I would just throw some stuff out there and relax. I started with the 100 days of photos. It was fun. I was able to search through pictures and memories alike and really enjoyed it.

Then I was introduced to the ideas of reviews, giveaways and couponing (is that really a word?) through blogs. I dove in head first. I started reaching out to companies, entering giveaways and actually winning. I have met some wonderful fellow bloggers while doing this. But I suddenly didn't find it fun any more. There was no meaning to what I was posting and I was getting overwhelmed. Bring in the ABC prompt. This was back to fun again. I enjoy thinking about each letter and what it represents. There was still reviews to do and contest to post though and it just wasn't working for me. So I wasn't posting..... wasn't coming here on a consistent basis for anything...not even my ABC post. 

Then I can across another blog....SpotLIGHT316.....and I suddenly realized what was wrong. I was overwhelmed, it wasn't fun and it was because it wasn't the direction I was suppose to go. When I created my blog, almost exactly a year ago, my blog title just came to me....I had not turned my life over to God at that time even though I believed....yet there was my blog name. I truly believe that God was leading me and I didn't even realize it.

Since dedicating my life on July 1, 2012, my family and I have definitely gone in a better direction. It's a new year, a new me and well....a new direction with my blog. I hope that you will stay with me. Join me on my journey. With any luck ...... I can show you a side of me, the Love of God and the wonders of being a Christian.

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