Sunday, December 30, 2012

Romans 1:1-17

Journal Prompt: Before his conversion, Paul was a man who many people feared. He persecuted Christians ruthlessly, dragging them from their homes and putting them in jail for their crime of believing. Read the beginning of a letter written by Paul after his conversion – Romans 1:1-17. Notate how Paul identifies himself. How do you identify yourself in Christ?  Provided by: SpotLIGHT316 

In you have been following me, you know that I am very early into my life with God. My expressions of opinions are by no means right or wrong. Our Pastor says that he is here to guide us but it is our responsibility to dig deeper and see for ourselves. So please make sure to read the scriptures yourself and feel free to add anything you like to the comment's sections. 

Paul identified himself as a servant of God. Paul says that he is to share with all not just certain types of people. I definitely agree that I am His servant. That everything we do should be for His will and not our own. Being human though means that not everything we do is perfect. We sin daily even moment by moment. Each time I go to the Lord in prayer I ask for forgiveness of my sins, because I guarantee that I have sinned since the last time I prayed. Servants are not perfect but we are to do His will and things that will bring others to him. We are to spread His word, His Love and His salvation by Grace. I can pray that I do this daily and with His will. 

Are you a servant to God? Do you try to do His will and not your own?


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  1. Great thoughts!

    I love Paul's letters. He has a deep love for God and it always shows. He was willing to go the extra mile because of his faith. He wasn't content and happy to stay right in his comfortable box. It seemed like everyday of his life, he wanted more. I want to have that same desire. Never being satisfied with where I am. Always striving to share the the gospel {not be intimidated}. Always craving more.