Saturday, December 15, 2012

FixMe Stick frustrations......

I recently heard about a a great product idea called FixMeStick.  I contacted the company and offered to do a review. Couldn't wait to get it in the mail.

I had heard great things about it and couldn't wait to see what it could do for my laptop....and maybe even the really old computer that is in my son's room. The possibilities seemed excellent.

I received the stick and read directions.  They were super simple. Plug it in to your usb port. That was it. Said that it would ask you to restart the computer and go from there.  Ok. I can do that. I love computers but am certainly not a guru.

I followed the got stuck during the updating process.... Ok. Things happen so no worries. I restarted the computer. And decided that I would try again later. The instructions that come up on the screen indicated that it can take several hours and I didn't want to lose my computer for that long.

The next day before I went to work...I tried again. Plugged it in to let it do it's thing. Yeah Right. I came home from work only for the computer screen to tell me that the FixMeStick must have been bumped and it did not complete. UGH! Seriously!

Ok...I can handle.......In the mean time, Sam, the companies representative that sent me the product contacted me. He asked me how it was going and if I had a chance to use the product. I explained that yes I had but was having some problems with it. He was very polite and gave me some options.  He indicated that sometimes, a small percentage, has trouble with connecting to certain usb ports and asked that I try it again by using a different.  Ok....I can do that.

I plugged it in for a third time. I went to work...again not wanting to lose my computer that long but wanting to get it fixed......not cause MORE problems. In the mean time, my husband expressed some concern over a product that you have to plug into the computer and then connect to the internet as all computers have lots of information on them.  I assured him that I had seen several reviews and most of them were fellow bloggers.  I must have saw a squirrel. Back on task. I came home from work....only to find it stuck once again on the update process.....I have still had not had any luck with it all.

I take it out...restart my computer.  I log on to Chrome as it has been my browser for ....well I don't know how long.  It will not go to a website.  It won't even pull up my have got to be kidding!

I tried multiple times to get Chrome to work. I tried running a virus scan. I tried to delete Chrome and reinstall luck at all. So I switch to IE as it is the only other one on my computer. I am not a fan of IE and I don't really know much about it. So I went looking for another browser to see how it was and if I would like it. I found Firefox and downloaded it. Just to have a back up.

The next day hubby and I were talking and he asked me to go to a website to look up some information. I pulled up IE...and I can't log in. I can't log in to any site that I am registered with. OMH! (aka Oh My Heavens) ARE YOU KIDDING!?

I pulled up FireFox......FF to the rescue! I have been using it ever since :) Woohoo! Oops...squirrel.

The representative had sent me an email asking how it was was my response.......

Good afternoon,

Honestly, No. And my computer is running very slow now and my Chrome browser suddenly crashed. Deleting it and reinstalling it didn't fix the problem. And none of my login's work on IE. Like logging into bill pay sites and such. Nothing personal obviously, but not a happy camper :(

Hoping you can help,

Now....He has been very helpful and polite throughout the whole thing.  I was not expecting the response I got......

Hey Melissa,

I'm sorry to hear that, but I can guarantee you that the FixMeStick is not responsible for what's going on with your computer. The FixMeStick only changes your had drive at the quarantine phase. My best suggestion is Googling around or getting a technical friend to help you.



I haven't heard from him since.....That was on November 26th.  I am highly disappointed and very frustrated. I understand what he had to say about it not effecting my computer but why I am suddenly having problems?? And why did you disappear after I said that?? Definitely don't recommend the product.


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