Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paper Coterie

So new to all the stuff that comes with blogging.  But I was lucky to be introduced to a program by Paper Coterie.  You can find them on my main page or by clicking the picture above. They offer so many cute and useful products! I love them. Recently, I made what they call a Daily for my dear friend Amy. I had so much fun doing it and it was super easy! Completely customizable, is that really a word, and simple to use format. I was able to upload all the pictures first and then put them in where I wanted them.  Edit the pictures if I needed and so much more. It only took two or three days and it was on its way to me. So to say they had fast shipping is a given! Let's put it this way....I made it online, it was printed and to me in all less than a week! My kind of customer service :) They have everything from journals, to decorations and growth charts.  I am sure I will come across something else I just have to have!

Isn't it Cute!!??

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