Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 1st 2012

The day my life changed forever. I was thinking that would be better title but honestly that DATE will be forever remembered.  It was a magical day.  The day our family was Saved and accepted Jesus Christ as our lord and Savior.

I don't truly know how everyone else felt but I did manage to get something out of two of our boys. More about that later. As we sat in bible study with Pastor Horton, I truly believe that his lesson was set just for us.  One of the times when you just know that someone is speaking right to you without saying your name....have you ever had one of those moments?

I have had them before but never so much so.  See, my boys had not been saved or baptized. Being baptized is really important to me.  We found that it is very important to the boys.  Our middle son is attending a private school right now and has been asking.  With him asking, it brought the other two asking.  With that....reminding me that something so important had not happened. Baptism is next, when we feel it is the right time.  One of those in our study group is ready to baptized but is waiting on her husband to get home from overseas.  That really moves me.  She wants him to be there with her in that very intimate moment with God. We have not set a day yet but that will come. We will pray about it and God will guide us and our Pastor.

Our youngest.  I asked him first out of the blue, several days afterwards.  He told me that it felt a good way.  It brought a smile to my face.  And not just because he is cute ;) But because he understood the significance.  He felt the emotional and physical transformation.  He knows that it means something big is happening.   He probably doesn't quite grasp it all just yet but God is just getting started with him <3

Our middle one. I didn't have to ask him but I should have.  He is the one that I am proud to say sparked the rest of us....even if he didn't realize it. His love and understanding of the Trinity....well it moves me. He was all smiles from that moment on.  He hugged both hubby and I really tight, smiled and didn't want to let go.  While we were still at bible study I did ask him (not afterwards like the other two) and all he said was Cool.  I love that he thinks it is cool! Such a tender-hearted day we were talking about a high school student who very sadly took his life right before graduation.....we didn't personal know this young son started crying and hugging me...all he could get out ....Mom was he Saved?? I couldn't answer this of course but I tried my best to comfort him. My hubby just sat there with a perplexed look on his face.  I had to explain how much this meant to our kiddo....maybe seeing this was a turning point, you never know.

Our oldest. I asked him a day or so after the youngest.....He just shrugged his shoulders.  This startled me I guess you could say....but then he went on.  He told me that he had done this on his own in his room one night so he didn't really feel different.  You could have heard a pin drop for a few moments... well if I didn't have carpet in our room you could have anyway.... I told him that I was proud of him of course but it still floors me really.  I actually thought because of his belief in the science field that he would be the hardest one to bring forward.  Once again though...he showed his maturity.  He is wise beyond his years without a doubt...not that he doesn't have his moments to snap me back in to reality don't get me wrong....the nit picking with his brothers...oh shows LOL  He is not afraid to speak out during study time, picks up his bible and reads scripture without it being mentioned.  Reminds me on a moment to moment basis how very different they all are.

I would never even pretend to speak out about how hubby feels....that is for him.  He is a very private person and it wouldn't be appropriate for me to write type about how he feels.  I know that he knows we are in the right place though and I do know that he isn't afraid to tell you that God is amazing and that he accepts Jesus into his heart.  Beyond that...well that is up to him.

Me.  I love God. I love my family.  And we are blessed beyond belief. We are blessed to met and know Pastor Horton and his family. Including their precious daughter in law.  She is quiet but a character! I am excited to learn more and more.  If I could sleep with the Bible under my pillow and absorb knowledge...I certainly would.  A big flaw for me is I want to know it all and now! LOL God has a plan for ALL of us....we just need to keep the faith and let Him guide us <3

Our times together as a family and as a couple have not come easy. But we know that living a life without God has created this turmoil. The major up disturbance in our lives.  I hope now that we have made this step that we can all see the light! God's light of love and understand. Peace, Grace, Faith.  I could type so many beautiful adjectives about what God and his Son have done for us but I hope you understand without them.

My favorite! 


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  2. ~This is Stormy using Stephanie's account~ We were so very blessed to have been there when the Berry family gave their hearts to God. It was a precious site. The way they were holding on to one another and praying for Jesus to come into their hearts and be their personal Savior. The look on their faces was priceless. They had a shine and glow about them. You know that shine that can only come from our Savior and His sweet Spirit. We know that God has great things in store for this family. My husband (Pastor Horton) and I are very excited to see God's plan unfold in their lives. The boys!! These boys are so sweet, smart and precious!! And so eager and willing to learn. (as we all should be) I love their enthusaism!! We are so very thankful for the Berry family & super excited to see God's adventure for them unfold!!!