Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mosquito Repellent Patch

Mosquitoes! No one likes them. We know God had a purpose for everything but we question this tiny bug. So when the offer came to try this new little patch I jumped on it. I hate spraying down with bug spray just to go sit in the back yard. We go out for 30 minutes and our yard is so bad we buy spray in mass quantities.  I really was excited to try this one. 

The package came and it was small. I thought how in the world are these little things going to repel the crazy large mosquitoes we have around here! 

So the time has come to throw them on and brave the outside! 

The instructions tell you to put two patches on. One on the upper body and one of the lower part. They cover about a three foot range. I put jeans on, did I mention that I hate the mosquitoes here? My youngest put shorts on and away we went! 

I can say they worked well for me! Not one single bite while we were outside. Which was for about an hour to hour and half. My son....not so much....he was being bit on the legs....he did put spray on about 30 minutes into our backyard work. 

The next day my husband and I put them on again. Again, I did not get bit. And this time I was wearing leggings :) My husband on the other hand was getting bit...on the face OUCH. At first he only had one he didn't read the instructions...he is man ;).....he also didn't scratch the surface to activate the product like it the instructions lol So I had him put a second on but he continued to get bit so he put spray on too.  

So, in my opinion, they work...but not for everyone!

Get yours here:


 I did receive these for free for my honest opinion. 

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