Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review Time!

Who listens to music while they are running? Walking? or Even cleaning the house?? I may not all the time but certainly love to do it! I have some great earphones for you. Wireless Earphones! Even better!

Super excited to give them a try. Got the box open, which is a super nice display by the way. A little tricky to get the top part out but I managed ;) 

And was ready to go :) I have used these types I got them out of the box, tried to turn them on....and I get out the instructions...really helps if you read them first LOL.... they needed to be charged at least three hours before first use....oops! 

Got the charger and plugged them into the computer! 

Now we are ready to go! But the do not operate like the others that I have used so I did read through the instructions first and we were all set. I was able to pair them with my iphone and my desktop computer! 

Which is great because I like to watch some shows on the computer but then I am stuck..can't even go through a piece of trash away....without pausing, taking out the earphones, coming back...any way you get it. Now, I can get up run to the kitchen and still hear the computer without missing a beat! 

I am definitely impressed with them. They come with three sizes of ear buds. I started with the middle ones like they suggested but had to go down a level to keep them comfortable in my ears. But there is several to choose from so almost anyone can find the right ones. They also come in two different colors but I choose black. The blue ones look really cool too! 

Want some of your own??? Go to Amazon and they will get you hooked up! 

I was given these at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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