Monday, June 10, 2013

New week

It's a new week! Most don't look forward to Mondays but I don't mind them a bit. Time to start over. Time to renew!

Last week's exercise didn't quite go the way I had wanted. Sunday and Monday the family and I cleaned out our garage. I when I say cleaned out....I could say cleared out! We gave it all to my sister who was going to look through and see if she wanted anything and the rest was going to go to her Church garage sale. By Monday afternoon my right foot was much that I was limping through the store and to our sons game!

My husband was afraid that I had been bit by a brown recluse spider....eeewww! He has and says the feeling was like a stone bruise at first....and this definitely felt that way. But I had not seen any swelling or discoloration so I prayed that it was ok. Tuesday I decided to skip the treadmill ....if I was on my feet more than 10 minutes it started hurting again.  Come Wednesday I had way was I missing again!!


Got on and finished it but man oh man did it hurt at times! I even tried jogging ....big mistake! So come Thursday...I only made it about 10 minutes...hated myself for it too :( Friday....I did the whole 30 minutes and then we had an out of town double header with OC's team ...pretty there was some sort of exercise in there :)

Saturday I was bad! And I do mean bad. Not only did I not do anything but I ate horribly as well. Can you say fast food and ice cream :( Tried to make up for it on Sunday. We had baked potatoes for dinner and I had a good 3 mile walk with my BF. Felt pretty good too!

Tonight MC has a game but I still have to get my walk in....guess I had better do it now while I have time!!

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