Friday, August 3, 2012

Labor Day Cash Event

Labor Day Cash Event

The memorial day $50 paypal cash was a HUGE success.  
So please join me in doing the same for Labor day!

So A Little Bit of Everything is going to do a cash giveaway for Labor day as well. 
The more money that is brought in for extra links the more they can giveaway.  
There is NO ADMIN fee.  So anything you pay for extra links will go towards the prizes.

They are looking for co hosts and other blogs that would like to host a like page.  
They will also have like pages to make entering the giveaway easier.  PLUS this will draw fans to your blogs.

Fill out this FORM to enter
Make sure you come around the end of the month to enter.

Tell them: God has a Plan for ALL of us! Sent you :) 

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