Saturday, August 4, 2012

I learned a lot....

Going to the Scentsy convention last year, I came back with a renewed energy. Bouncing off the walls telling my husband all the wonderful things that we saw, did and learned.  He thought was I was crazy. Little did he know! Here is a picture from last year!

Good times were had by all and this was our team that went. The first night we had a concert in the Ft. Worth Stockyards ~ Clint Black! Yep, Scentsy rocks.  

This years excitement was no different. The Scentsy Convention was in Las Vegas this year! I have always wanted to see Vegas. I am not a gambler or even a party girl but I like to see new and different places.  Hubby and I went without children, of course, so we took it as a little vacation get a way. 

I had fun even on the way there! My friend Heather and I were on the same flight so we decided it was best to ride up together, with our hubbies of course! Heather is super talented and creative. On the way there, she painted stars on my feet.  We laughed and enjoyed our time together.  On the way back....we talked too but I am pretty sure that we were way to tired LOL.

Our feet :) 

Heather and I

Baby Mollie got a massage in while waiting to board

My Baby Mollie and Heather's Lenny resting up for the big trip

Hubby and I on the plane waiting for take off

First night of convention is about getting together. They throw us a party where we can all talk and get to know each other, find new friends and reconnect with friends from years past.  We got to roam 3 different parties this year :) How cool is that?! One even had Cirque du Soleil performers! That was where we went right off the bat.  We got to see several girls do their acrobatics with what looked like giant scarves hanging from the ceiling.  It was impressive to say the least!

Thursday we got to hear from Heidi and Orville Thompson, the founders of Scentsy.  They spoke many times throughout the convention. The are both very fun! We also got to hear from lots of corporate employees through the whole thing!  We also got a surprise visit from Donny & Marie Osmond! They were fun to watch and I really enjoyed one of their songs, We Will Find A Way.  I really liked that one! We also got to hear from Laura Stack, Productivity Pro.  If you think it, ink it! One of my new motto's. She talked about how easily distracted most of us are and we need to learn to focus.  So if you think it, ink it and you can do it later.  I now have an app on my ink involved but I do note it now!!

Thursday night we headed out as team to go eat! It was wonderful because I got to talk to team members that I hadn't before. We also got to get a glimpse of the strip on the way back to the hotel.  I know that several of the team even went out on the town that night!

(above) The Ladies from our awesome team!

My best friend and Director!

Yes he is a goof! & No....I didn't know he did that!!

That is better!!!

They also announced the super new and amazingly awesome new product line.....GRACE ADELE! I am super pumped about this! LOVE LOVE purses and now I don't have to leave my house to get them ;o)

Just a mere glimpse of the new products!

Friday was my favorite day of Convention. We got to hear from two AMAZING speakers.  We got to hear from Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive I wish I had taken more pictures but she was so engaging and funny it didn't even cross my mind.  I have already bought her book! Can't wait until it gets here so I can start reading it.  Also on Friday, we got to hear from Dewitt Jones. He is a professional photographer who worked for National Geographic for many years.  He was also a movie producers.  He was soft spoken but kept everyone's attention.  He shared so many beautiful pictures that he had taken over the years and they were very moving. His main message, "Celebrate what's right with the world" He talked about changing your outlook in life and it will change your life. I probably spent my entire childhood looking at his pictures without even knowing it. My Dad always had a subscription to the magazine.

Friday night is always fun! Awards, more entertainment and lots of laughter! To start off the night, we had a local comedic magician come out. OMGosh! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  He had us all rolling! If you are ever in Vegas I highly recommend Mac King for sure! Some of the stuff that consultants did when he was using them for the tricks even had HIM laughing.  Loved watching everyone receive their awards and can't wait to be up there with them next year!! After the awards were done, we had Colbie Caillat perform! I am telling you Scentsy goes all out! They Rock! Her songs "Bubbly" and "Brighter than the Sun" are my favorites!

Saturday was about hubby and I taking time together.  We did get up though on Saturday morning and go with several of the team members to see ATM.  Know what that is??? Acrylic Tank Manufacturing :) The place where the Animal Planet show "Tanked" is filmed! It was fun! We got to meet Redneck, Wayde and Brett! Got autographs and pictures. They were super nice people too. Real down to earth. It was great getting to see them. After that we went back to hotel and had pizza! We don't get pizza because of our son's food allergies so it was a real treat. It's the little things I know.  

We headed out to see some sites before we left (which was way to early the next morning. We had to get up at three in the morning to make sure we got to the airport in time!) One of the sites was Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium. It was really neat and we probably spent an hour and a half just in there.  Took lots of really good pictures. (They are on hubby's phone so I don't have those yet)  

We visited M&M World...four stories of candy and memorabilia.  Hubby was in heaven! We saw the Coca-Cola store and then it was off to the Bellagio. 

The inside was very pretty and a lot of decorations were made up of flowers. Bees, lady bugs and giant flowers.  We got a few pictures but I would have loved to gotten more.  

Then it was onto the Dancing Fountains outside of Bellagio. So very cool! I took a video but for some reason the sound didn't work.  Also met another set of Scentsy consultants while we were watching. I just love talking to others!

Because of the closeness that we all feel with each other, they have changed the name from convention to The Scentsy Family Reunion! I love the change :) Next year our reunion is in Indianapolis IN.  My room is already book!!

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