Sunday, November 29, 2015

Supplement review

I was asked to review a product out there called Ginseng LiquidCaps. I was given the product for free and just had to pay shipping.

The idea behind the product is great! More energy, mental clarity. Making it through the day without feeling sluggish and just plain worn out. They suggest even taking one before bed and that it will help you sleep better. I am super sensitive and have a hard time sleeping and staying asleep so there was no way I was willing to chance that. I took it when I got up and on empty stomach like they suggest. Although, if you are sensitive to that they do suggest to take it with food at first and then switch over to an empty stomach. They don't taste good and are actually bitter but not everyone will think that so to each his own. For me, I couldn't leave it to dissolve completely because of the taste so I am sure that effected the way it works, especially the speed as to which it works. At first I didn't notice as much, after two days I took one in the morning and one around 2. Any later than that and I think I wouldn't be sleeping. I didn't have any more trouble sleeping than normal so it definitely wasn't because of this. They did provide that extra perk to get me moving though which is great because our dishwasher has a's Mom.... and Thanksgiving provided with a lot of dishes to catch up on. If you are dragging throughout the day it is certainly worth it to try them.

They gave us several places to look into it more and you really should check them out on YouTube, Facebook and Amazon!

Want a chance to try them and save money? Go to to Amazon to order them and use the code: 10Less4u You will save 10%! 

If you do get them, come back here and tell me what you think! #smoothenergy

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