Sunday, November 8, 2020

It's been a long while.....

You know life gets in the way. You forget somethings. Find new things. Renew the best things. That is me. 

3rd grandbaby on the way. Another child about to move out and the youngest...well isn't so young anymore. Working full time outside of the home, trying to maintain my Scentsy business and life just slipped by. Time to step it up. Love you guys! 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Review Time! High Performance Tri-Spinner

They are in love!! One of my boys has ADD....he is forever forgetting things, staying distracted, and struggles with school. When these first came out he was dying to try it. Me? I am all about anything that can help him stay focused and get things done! 

So we had to have one to say the least! This came in just two days, thank you Amazon Prime! He immediately started carrying with him everywhere he went. Spinning it away! I was worried that it was going to have some sort of noise that goes with it and drive the rest of us crazy. But nope! Quiet as can be and keeps him occupied. And his friends too lol.  He says everyone at school wants to play with it. Sorry teachers! Hopefully now tht everyone has got to see it, things will settle down and he will be able to use it to help him.  Only one teacher didn't want it out and that is okay.  It doesn't need to have it out all the time.  If you are looking for something to occupy little hands or even teenage ones....start here! 

The others boys loved it too. So now we own 3! Definitely worth it! 

  • INCREASE FOCUS - Great Toy for ADD & ADHD Sufferers. Smooth and Satisfying Spinning Motion
  • RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY - Relieve Stress and Anxiety Instantly
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - *See Video in Description Below*, Low Tolerances and Very Stable at High Speed - Average Spin Time: 3 min.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Premium Quality Plastics and High Speed Stainless Steel Center Bearing
  • PORTABLE AND CONCEALABLE - Small Enough to Carry in your Pocket - Rugged and Durable Design, No Oil or Maintenance Needed, Use it Right Out of Box

*I did receive mine at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion. Completely my opinions and I did not receive any compensation for them.