Monday, April 29, 2013

Not just a Hearer but a Doer

When I last posted, it was about me pausing my blog to study the Word of God more.  This book definitely helped me on that path. Mrs. Shanks puts the study in a great easy to understand format. My particular favorite is the interpretation sections. I understand that we are individuals and interpret things differently but I appreciate her wisdom and guidance. I found myself nodding in agreement with the very first day's lesson so I can't wait to read it all. 

Day 4 talks about guarding our minds and how important it is. I can speak from personal experience to that one. If you are not careful about what you think about and let you mind takes you away from God and what he has planned for you. I have been putting forth a lot of great effort in keeping my mind focused on the good things and God. To not let my mind wander and if I catch it, to realize it and stop! One thing I found helpful was when this was happening to either recite scriptures in my mind or just Praise Jesus. Thank God for all his glory and all the good things He has done. And in my worst moments when I can not seem to get my mind right and I feel that the world is crashing around me...over and over in my head I just say Thank you Jesus! He knows what it is for and it always brings peace to me. 

Day 5 was also a good eye opener! It reminded me that I am not alone in my struggles. That everyone wages war against themselves with their thoughts and feelings. It is when we turn to Him that things because easier and easier...I am proof of that!

I don't want to post about each day but want to encourage you to get this book. 31 days to help guide you and maybe even reveal a path in your life you did not existed.

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